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Will I Ever Sleep Again?

This week I'm beyond tired. The baffled baby has taken to waking EVERY 2 hours throughout the night. As I sit on the edge of my bed in my mismatched pyjamas I have started to wonder if I'll ever sleep again. I can get the baby to sleep with relative ease, but he just doesn't… Continue reading Will I Ever Sleep Again?


Intro to Weaning: It All Started Too Well

For the past few weeks we've been attempting to start the weaning process. It didn't start well. I read too much, I addled my own brain and so just decided to crack on and have a go. The first few weeks went fairly well. I pulverised a variety of vegetables and froze the resulting mush… Continue reading Intro to Weaning: It All Started Too Well

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The Baffled Baby Becomes A Trained Assasin

Yesterday the normally sweet baffled baby took on the persona of an utter menace! All was going to plan, he'd played on the jumperoo, turned his nose up at the expensive pouch of vegetable mush and happily shaken his maraca at Rhyme Time. But then the clock struck 5pm and any thought of normal behaviour… Continue reading The Baffled Baby Becomes A Trained Assasin

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Goal Setting: Does it Work?

Every month I see people declaring their monthly goals to the world & then updating their progress. I've never been one to set a goal, I can't even be arsed with a new years resolution. Why would you wait until a new year to change your life?  My attitude has always been if you want… Continue reading Goal Setting: Does it Work?

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Time Gentlemen Please: Baby’s First Trip to Wetherspoons

Yesterday the baffled baby went on his first visit to a Wetherspoons. In earlier times a 2pm start in Wetherspoons came with predictable consequences: Jaegerbombs by 6pm, talking utter bollocks by 6:30, fending off dodgy characters (who always seem to be wearing a checked shirt), someone becoming so drunk they decided to leave immediately, someone… Continue reading Time Gentlemen Please: Baby’s First Trip to Wetherspoons


Rhyme Time: A Fine Time

This week we returned to Rhyme Time at our local library. The quality of the Rhyme Time experience can be very variable. I always think the name sounds slightly like a rubbish '90s gangsta rap album so to turn up and see the session being run by a slightly disinterested middle-aged woman is always a… Continue reading Rhyme Time: A Fine Time


Teething: A Breakthrough

Thank the Lord! After what feels like months of teething I can finally feel the much longed for sharp, pokey bit pointing out of the baffled baby's gum. Last night we woke up EVERY SINGLE HOUR whilst the baffled daddy stirred occasionally to offer such helpful advice as "is he hungry?" and "is he awake… Continue reading Teething: A Breakthrough